The Most Interesting Fact About the Apple Watch

Regarding the pricing… did you notice it too? The low-end price is $349, but the high-end price starts at…? Not $9,000. Not $9,995. Not $9,999. $10,000. They rounded up the price! Even luxury brands like BMW round their prices down. What is the last mass-market product you can recall that was priced like that? This is a very interesting marketing move […]

Format Date into yyyy-mm-dd hh:ii:ss Format in JavaScript

This is a recurring thing I have to deal with. Here’s the code: get_time = function() { var date_part, local_time, now, time_part; local_time = new Date(); now = new Date(local_time.getTime() + (local_time.getTimezoneOffset() * 60000)); date_part = “” + (this.zero_pad(now.getFullYear(), 2)) + “-” + (this.zero_pad(now.getMonth() + 1, 2)) + “-” + (this.zero_pad(now.getDate(), 2)); time_part = “” […]

How Amazing Features Can be a Waste of Time

Differentiation is another way of saying: define your own market. By doing this well, you can avoid the problem of unseating incumbents because they don’t exist or are significantly weaker. Why Most Features Aren’t About Differentiating You’ve got 5 seconds. Tell me how you’re better than the incumbent I am currently using. If your pitch to […]