Unrealistic Expectations in Job Posting

A funny Craigslist post (now deleted): Web Designer/Programmer Needed Reply to: job-483872814@craigslist.org Date: 2007-11-19, 4:51PM EST Must have specific database and Web-development experience to include in-depth database management and Web design services. Experience with government clients providing extensive data management and document tracking support a plus. Must have strong computer programming skills across a wide […]

A Great Web Developer is a Great Application Developer

After being a part of the developer hiring process for a while now, I have begun to see what distinguishes an exceptional web developer (the ones that get hired faster than we can even make an offer) and everybody else. Things have changed since 1995 – web development requires actual knowledge of programming! The problem […]

Why Being Hard to Replace is Bad

I read something I’ve always followed without realizing exactly why: Don’t be irreplaceable; if you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted. I once worked with two programmers who told me they purposely wrote convoluted code. When I asked why they would do that, they replied, “Job security.” I always wondered why that company let […]

Maybe Google Wanted to be Sued: YouTube and Plan B

No matter how you spun it, a lawsuit was waiting to pounce on YouTube. And when the lawsuit came, it would be from multi-billion dollar media conglomerates. Worst of all, people feared it would trigger a landslide of more lawsuits. Even still, Google bought YouTube. And now the billion dollar war has begun. I wondered: […]

Five Things New First Time Employees Should Know

Just out of college? New to the workforce? Here’s five tip that you should keep in mind. Assume the world is tiny. Perhaps the biggest eye-opener is just how small the working world is. People in the same industry routinely work together at different companies over their career. But this also means your reputation at one […]

Permission Denied in the PHP Destructor and the Current Folder

I learned something new today, so I’m going to share two cool things with you. File access is screwed up during a destructor call in PHP. I will show you how to get around this. How to create a universal absolute path variable that refers to the current folder you are in. For the application […]

Programming Contract Work – Tips on Protecting Yourself

I did contract work for three or four years before I finally threw in the towel. It’s a lot of work, and very frustrating at times. I was very fortunate in that I never got screwed over, but many people have. Here’s my tips on the subject: Everything must be in writing. Especially the points […]

Boolean and 0.00

ARG. I encountered another potential issue in PHP that is due to loose types that is common if you are using a database back end. $amount = 0.00; if($amount) Versus $amount = ‘0.00’; // how data from databases comes if($amount) Guess what happens. Well, most people might say both should be TRUE, but that’s not […]