How Amazing Features Can be a Waste of Time

Differentiation is another way of saying: define your own market. By doing this well, you can avoid the problem of unseating incumbents because they don’t exist or are significantly weaker. Why Most Features Aren’t About Differentiating You’ve got 5 seconds. Tell me how you’re better than the incumbent I am currently using. If your pitch to […]

Incentives and the Related Dangers

Incentives are just as dangerous as they are powerful. I have the running theory that most incentives can actually do the exact opposite of the intended goal when executed wrong. Let’s start with an example to illustrate. You’re in charge of a small company that picks up garbage after events like street fairs and parades. […]

Why Being Hard to Replace is Bad

I read something I’ve always followed without realizing exactly why: Don’t be irreplaceable; if you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted. I once worked with two programmers who told me they purposely wrote convoluted code. When I asked why they would do that, they replied, “Job security.” I always wondered why that company let […]

Five Things New First Time Employees Should Know

Just out of college? New to the workforce? Here’s five tip that you should keep in mind. Assume the world is tiny. Perhaps the biggest eye-opener is just how small the working world is. People in the same industry routinely work together at different companies over their career. But this also means your reputation at one […]

My Single Most Valuable Skill

Recently, I’ve come to realize that my most valuable skill is my writing ability. I’ve had the honor of helping a few of my just-graduating friends apply for jobs and polish their (sic due to laziness) resumes. From that experience and also being involved in a hiring process more than once, I’ve had a wide range […]